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A picture can be worth a thousand words, which is why the Reid R. Sacco Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program at Tufts Medical Center is now on Instagram!

Please follow us @AYAprogramatTuftsMC to gain a new perspective on our surroundings, both in and outside of Tufts Medical Center, as well as to keep abreast of what’s going on in the AYA cancer community!

Viewing your surroundings with the intent to capture something unique or beautiful can change your outlook on a place, even at the hospital! Instead of looking down at your feet as you walk to your next appointment, find a window and look out at the view of downtown Boston. Take a picture on your smartphone or camera and see if your attitude towards your environment has shifted.

Engaging with art either as an active or passive participant enhances your mood and emotions. It helps build psychological well-being.  This finding was highlighted in an American Journal of Public Health study which also noted that art allows people to make meaning out of their experiences. Art has the power to create a refuge; it can take you out of the moment you are in and give you a sense of calm as well as a positive focus. California University in Berkeley researchers who studied young adults found feelings of awe or wonder elicited from viewing art can boost the immune system.

If you would like the opportunity for your photograph to be featured on our feed, please use #ayaprogramattuftsmc when you post on your account.

Please note Tufts Medical Center policy does not allow pictures of patients without their signed written consent and does not condone pictures taken in treatment areas.

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