Meet Elise!

Elise Steinberger has joined the Reid R. Sacco AYA Cancer Program team for the summer! Elise has completed her 1st year at Tufts University School of Medicine and will be spending her time learning about adolescent & young adult cancer survivorship. Elise shared why she sought to be a part of the team:

I’m very excited to be part of the AYA Program this summer! Last fall, I went to a talk that Dr. Parsons was giving about the AYA Program. I decided to go because it sounded interesting; but, I knew next to nothing about AYA Cancer. During the talk, she brought up issues and topics related to AYA Cancer that I hadn’t heard before that point. In that moment, I realized the complexity of the team’s work and the immense need for it.

After the talk, I knew a bit more about AYA Cancer and oncology; however, a huge driver of my interest in the program was the passion that Dr. Parsons conveyed for her work. I found her dedication and enthusiasm  inspiring and wanted to be on her team!

This summer, I hope to contribute to the projects in any way I can and learn from the rest of the team. This experience will shape my future career as a physician. As I learn more about AYA Cancer and work on some of the research, I will deepen my understanding of AYA Cancer, while understanding my specific interests within medicine. Finally, watching how Dr. Parsons and her team work with patients to solve complex problems, will help me become the kind of caring and effective physician that I hope to become.   


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