We are thrilled to welcome five young adults as the AYA Cancer Program’s 2019 Summer Scholars. These individuals, all of whom are planning future careers in medicine, will join the Care Team in research projects and clinical shadowing to learn more about AYAs who have been diagnosed with cancer and the cancer care experience.

Aram Bedrosian, Tufts University School of Medicine

“I am interested in the assessment of quality of life, functional ability, and the financial impacts of chronic medical conditions on patients and their families. Through the Summer Scholar Program I hope to learn about the methods through which the field investigates these factors as well as learning about predictive models that forecast outcomes for patients with chronic conditions along with the treatment options available to patients and their families.”

Megan Catalano, Brandeis University

“I am so excited to be returning to Tufts Medical Center this summer! Last year was wonderful experience. Everyone here is truly wonderful, excellent at their jobs, and has taught me so much. I look forward to learning more about clinical research and hematology/oncology, and contributing to ongoing projects.”

Rabiah Fresco, Saint Louis University School of Medicine

“I got involved with AYA Cancer Program through the Reid’s Ride Bike Ride, which is a fundraiser that raises money to support Young Adults affected by cancer and funds research aimed at finding a cure for cancer. During my time here I have learned the importance of ongoing care and support for cancer survivors. The long-term doctor-patient relationship that is fostered in the AYA cancer clinic is something that is I hope to provide as a future physician.”

Mathew Lucas, Tufts University School of Medicine

“I am honored to be a Summer Scholar and to learn and work alongside such an esteemed and caring team of individuals. I hope to bolster my professional skills by engaging in impactful research and pilot studies while learning more about the challenges that cancer patients face, especially those in the AYA population. I am confident that this valuable experience will help shape the physician that I strive to be in the future.”

Ben York, Tufts University School of Medicine

“This summer I am looking forward to learning more about the efficient delivery of comprehensive care to patients that is informed by the research that Dr. Parsons is involved in. Clinical research is unique in its existence at the interface between research and patient care, and I am interested in learning more this relationship as I progress towards a career in academic medicine.”

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